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Welcome on this mafia game.

The goal of this game is to become the strongest player you can do that in many ways:

Crimes, Steal Cars, Races, And many more.

Everybody in every country can sign up and play, Later i will add more languages so people can play in their own language.

In the left collum you can see screenshots of the game so you can take a look how it looks like.

Interested? Sign up and come play the game.

Round 1

The players with the most power will win the prizes.


1st place: 90 Days VIP

2nd place: 60 Days VIP

3rd place: 30 Days VIP

The round will run the month July.

You can also buy-in to become a VIP at these VIP casinos.

Recent News

First price lowered.  2014-07-06 11:00 PM

The first price has been lowered,

Because there are just not enough players and not enough active players.

When there are more players the prizes will increase.
Test Round Over  2014-07-01 9:29 AM

Congrats bestcars26,

You have won 60 days Vip.
The price has been added to your account.
New Players  2014-06-27 4:34 PM

I changed some things.

New players will start now with 14 days vip.

And new players dont have to activate their accounts anymore, But if i get many spammers this way i will change this one back.
New Players  2014-06-25 3:16 AM

This game need new players.
Do you got any ideas or tips for me you can contact me ingame and on the contact page.
Want Credits?  2014-06-19 2:10 PM

Do you want credits but dont want to pay for them? Just play this game then. Why? Because when you play this game active for a day you will earn 50 credits for that day. And you can get this day after day.

The system will say what active is.